My Perfect 21st Menu

If I could make my perfect menu….
Oyster Ceviche
Oysters with tequila, lime, chilli, salt
Bollinger R.D 1996 Extra Brut
Twice fried Black Bean, Guacamole, baked tortilla strips, crispy fried coriander
Passion Fruit Margarita –
Passion fruit, lime juice, Triple Sec, 1921 Tequila Blanco
Phish Eggs
Smoked Trout, Poached quails eggs, asparagus, hollandaise foam, toasted almonds, crispy toast disc, Lemon Zest
Casa Coste Piane Prosecco Valdobbiadene
Chicken Ravioli, Spinach Foam, Honey barbecue toasted Hazelnuts, Ricotta quenelle, Chicken and sage consommé, sage crisps
Villa Masetti Pinot Grigio 2009
Seared Chard wrapped Venison loin, Venison Confit Shepherds pie topped with black garlic creamed potatoes, Chanterelle mushrooms, spicy chocolate sauce, Carrot and Parsnip crisps
The Black Shiraz 2010 Berton Vineyards
Iced Melon Soup, Cayenne Pepper, Mint syrup
Campari Sorbetta, Balsamic drizzle
Cherry Ripe
Custard Cream Quenelle, Cognac soaked Black Cherries, Wafer, Cherry Blossom Sugar shards
Limoncello Di Capri
Reese’s Piece
60% Bittersweet Chocolate cylinder, Peanut Butter Core, Frozen yoghurt parfait filling, Salted Peanut brittle, Raspberry Jelly crystals
Holy Choly
Black Pepper and Chedder Shortbread
All Butter Cranberry studded sugar cookies
Vin Santo Sante Bucciarelli

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