Fish Pie

Fish Pie

There is no point calling this post anything other than what it is, because this was simple, quick fish pie.
I don’t think any of us had really left the house for two days but the christmas food supplies were looking worryingly low…. One thing we yet again seemed to have multiplying supplies of creme fraiche. I have never knowingly made the same meal twice for my parents (so despite the fact I’ve been faced with this same predicament in the past, tonight I obviously had to brainstorm a completely new meal (damn my cooking obsession). We did however have a little prosecco left over from the parents’ recent christmas party, I used this as the starting point of my dish. What would I want to eat with a glass of prosecco?? I found some salmon in the freezer and a couple of prawns. The end result was fish pie with saffron mash
(I did also add crispy salmon to the top of the pie for texture, plus it is very easy , cook on both sides in a pan till crispy, plus I had some which I’d taken off the salmon, plus Yo Sushi may have got me addicted to the stuff..)

Fish Pie

3 salmon fillets
12 prawns
500ml stock (I only had chicken but fish would be better)
5tbsp creme fraiche
3 shallots
3 garlic cloves
1-2tbsp butter
pepper and salt
bay leaf
1/2 lemon
large handful of dill chopped
100ml white wine

750g charlotte potatoes (I just mashed them with skins on but feel free to peel)
bay leaf
few saffron strands
3-4 tbsp butter
2-3tbsp milk

1. Sweat the chopped shallots in the butter for 3-4mins with a good sprinkling of salt then add the garlic for a further 2-3mins
2. pour in the wine, add pepper and the lemon chopped into slices (yes I do mean whole) and the bay leaf
3. Let bubble for 1-2 mins before adding stock, let bubble for 5mins. Add creme fraiche and take off heat
4. Meanwhile boil potatoes with bay leaf, peppercorns, salt and saffron in water.
5. When soft, drain and mash using a handheld whisk (bizarre but good) with the butter, adding the milk to the end to have a thick creamy texture.
6. Place the salmon fillets, skinned and chopped into chunks into the bottom of an ovenproof dish. Add the prawns scattered around
7. Chop the door and mix in the sauce, pour over the fish. Top with the mash
8. Bake in the oven at 180OC for 10mins until lightly golden on top

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