Round the World flavours

Round the World flavours

(nb the photos are not my own, but inspiration)

I had a bad evening last night. So to cheer myself up I designed a menu.

Vodka marinated caramelized tomato and fennel, whipped basil cream, balsamic drizzle, salted cashew nut crumble, rocket leaves.

Paprika dusted Lobster, flambé chorizo, diced roast pumpkin, deep fried fish bones, sweet peas, coconut marinated whiting, coconut foam.


Smoked Lamb fillet, cumin spiced pistachio butter, crispy sweetbreads, samphire, sweet carrot puree, minted yoghurt, beetroot ketchup, giant croutons, wild flowers. 


Lime and ginger sponge, foaming hot chocolate, avocado cream, iced white chocolate snow, sour pineapple, coconut flakes.

Recipes to follow

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