Chocolate and more Chocolates

I’ve realised that if I actually want to commercialise my chocolates (watch this space) I probably should stop giving tips about how to make them. So here is some pure food porn of the chocolates I’ve been making. I’ve been getting a bit excited about making themed choocolates recently so apologies about how pretentious they might seem.


Dr Faustus – Chilli, Lime, Salted Caramel


Coconut Creme – Coconut ganache, toasted coconut, orange jelly, coffee ganache

Both made for the occasion of the book launch of The Tragick history of Henry Fowst by Griselda Heppel.


The Ella Fitzgerald Collection – It’s Alright with Me and Georgia on my Mind

It’s Alright with Me – Salted Caramels

Georgia on my Mind – Peach ganache, raspberry coulis, orange liqueur jelly


Part of the Noel Coward Collection – Don’t lets be beastly to the Germans

Noel Coward Collection

Don’t Lets be beastly to the Germans – Marzipan, Brandy Soaked Figs, Almond Ganache smothered in white chocolate.

I’ve been to a marvellous party – Honey and Ginger Caramel and Honeycomb covered in milk chocolate.

The Stately homes of England – Layers of blackberry ganache, lemon ganache in a milk chocolate cup, sprinkled with shortbread.

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