Random Cooking tips

Random Cooking tips
          People always ask me if there are any secret tips in cooking. There are a few things I’ve learnt over the years
       unless you’re baking, always put more butter in than less
       fresh herbs are usually better than dried/ mixing herbs an work really well
       Salt in everything, especially desserts
       BUT only use sea salt flakes, the stuff you get on diner tables is disgusting
       Vanilla should be used in all baking and even in some savoury (potatoes?)
       Truffle oil lifts any dish
       Sometimes your instincts are better than the recipe (people always tend to overcook chicken, fish and brownies)
       Your nose is a useful sensor – follow it
       Some things tend to continue cooking as you take them out (meat, brownies etc)
       BUT it is easy to undercook cakes – always check the centre of the cake
       Water is the enemy of chocolate BUT it can be saved with a little oil if the damage isn’t to heavy
       Always add twice as much garlic, so tasty, so good for you
       When roasting meat and veg, acidity+oil+salt = yummy, like dressing your veg before cooking them
       When cooking potatoes, add flavours to the water, the potatoes will soak up the flavour from the water (sciency bit=osmosis sort of)
       When cooking spinach, use a knob of butter, salt, pepper and a splash of water for a shiny finish
       Make sure your knives are sharp, it will make such a difference…
       And when chopping let the knife do the work, not your arm, move the knife forward as you chop
       Planning is the key for successful dinner parties, you can sometimes make more than you think in advance (e.g I often make potatoes/sauces earlier in the day and reheat)
       Add salt when you sweat onions, it will encourage the onions to release water faster

       If you do over salt, a potato will soak up the excess if you chuck it in

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